Mind-Body Healing

 What if we could use our minds to heal our bodies? What if some symptoms are created by emotional difficulties? For example: neck pain, "I carry my stress on my shoulders", stress headaches, IBS,  upset stomachs, autoimmune disease, and possibly cancer. If you believe that the way someone thinks can make them sick. Then its also possible to change the pathological thinking into healthier patterns. IFS heals our underlying (conscious and subconscious) emotional patterns that contribute to our physical posture and attitude toward ourselves and the world. This occurs in very specific ways for each individual. My patients and I can feel their bodies shifting during healing sessions. If the healing was complete symptoms disappear. 

IFS Therapy


Karma is similar to cause and effect, it's the force created by our actions and surrounding circumstances that contribute to future life circumstances.

Do you keep repeating patterns, get stuck in situations, and no amount of therapy, self-help, or meditation has helped so far? I believe we can change our karma with IFS. By reducing our triggered reactivity we can break free from our patterned responses. 


Want to be more creative, but seemed to have lost momentum, and wish you had more childlike energy? IFS can help you understand and heal your blockages and make playful, creative energy more available to you.

Lisa Preston, DO

​Journey into your inner world and heal the way your past impacts your present.