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Psychotherapy for a healthy mind

Internal Family Systems

"Before working with Lisa, I was struggling with my anxiety and had constant chest pain for almost two weeks. It hurt just to breathe and I felt like there was a brick on my chest. During our session, we worked through my grief and unresolved trauma. By the end of our session, I felt the heaviness lifted and literally the pain in my chest completely subside.  I haven't had a panic attack since and have been breathing far more easily. Huge jump in my quality of life. I couldn't recommend Lisa enough- she's skilled, compassionate, and a life-saver! Thank you a million times over, Lisa!"  -SN,  New York


Lisa Preston, DO

Lisa Preston, DO started her career as an osteopath.  

While treating patients she noticed the connection between emotional and physical health. She noticed that if patients spoke about their problems, she could feel palpable effects that inner conflict had on their bodies. 

This brought a question to her mind, "can the way we think effect our health?"  She found that Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy successfully addressed thought patterns and reactive behavior in a profound and complete way.  Patients became more relaxed and harmonious and she could feel these positive effects in the bodies of her patients.  She believes that if there is a way that our thoughts and emotions contribute to illness, then IFS is one way to undo those patterns and create health- whether the reaction is a learned emotional reflex, trans-generational reactive pattern, or lack of harmony with our environment/civilization. 

Dr. Preston has been doing IFS therapy in her private practice since 2013. She is excited to offer this therapy to anyone who wants help.

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  • Covid-19  (patients, caregivers, front-line workers)

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • stress

  • physical manifestations of emotions

  • not coping well

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